F19 Pet product PKG development

My Kami :)

My Kami :)

Ah, one of my favorite developments to do :) I love designing for pets. Probably because I take care of a beautiful black cat and I just adore and cherish their existence. I believe they make world better place.

I went on, sketching ideas, preparing sources and designing blue prints for the packages.

It is always challenging obstacles that you need to overcome when you design for kids or pets.
There must be a better way than selling “cuteness” to the customer. Blending the whole theme of the package and information it needs to provide is the key to successful kids and pets packaging, I think.

Instead of putting popping colors and cute/simple graphics over the package, I always add “themes” to the package so that package would feel more welcoming instead of aggressively approaching to the customer.

some of the original ideas carried over to the final design but after few brain storming session, I decided to omit and simplify the packages little more before finalizing them. I loved the whole look of finalized packages but since some of them will be displayed in wholesale stored, they needed to be in set or had certain amount of quantity per shipment.

Some of the renderings for our customer :)