F19 Cold Weather Accessories PKGs development

That time of the year when wind gets cruel and NY becomes the winter wonderland. We were requested to develop new packages of all sort of Cold Weather Accessories (gloves, socks, beanie, scarves, etc).

First, as always, I wanted to think out of the box and started sketching some ideas on the paper.
There were many items that we need to consider packing and some of them were as a set.

There were some restrictions designing these packages because they should fit into limited space and need to be certain price point and quantity.

This particular project was really fun and challenging to do. Some of them were ended up just as concepts but few of them have potential to be actual products you can buy from store! I inputted ideas that are customer centric. If they can see products inside the packaging well, if they can feel the fabric and check for themselves if this product is what they needed to get over the cruel winter times, if they can clearly see what products would look like, even function to try them on.

These are some renderings I did for customer. They wanted to see how our package would look like on the actual store floor.