Kids 3PK T shirt Package Dev.

I had a great opportunity to work on a new kids packaging for 3 T shirts package.
Our team researched on-line and off-line market, prepared mood board for our new kids package.

It was for members-only club program. We narrowed this development down to two types of packaging ideas. Wrap board style belly band package and Hanger package.

After brain storm session and discussions, our main goal was to present all 3 different colors of the t-shirts to the buyer clearly and comprehensibly. Original folding was solid and sufficient but we wanted to do more with this package while developing. 

I came up with this new-kind of folding way. It presented all 3 colors at the same time and by having a uni-body design, it was durable enough to withhold 3 kid's t shirts and quite stack-able for the nature of member's only wholesale club. They will be stacked up by colors or sizes on top of large tables (so called Table Program.) 

I didn't want to stop there and went further with an idea of re-usability of the package.
My first initial idea was to add Stickers or Sticker pack (as hang tag) with the package on certain theme that might go well with kid's packaging. It would add more value and unique feel to it instead of being a wrapper for the products inside. After research, I came up with theme of "Playground". Who doesn't like playground.  

I developed two packages with the same theme. Belly band and Hanger.
They quite went well with the selected theme and quite fun to look at. My new folding way idea was selected as final and we developed deeper with it and our whole team worked on few different designs for the final meeting with buyers.

Another idea was added later from upper management. "Drawing board".
I maintained the theme and finalized the package mock-ups. 
Last photo is showing other designers' design on my specs.