Lounge Set Package Development

In my research of "Lounge Set" package that contains 2 or more garment products inside, many cases, I found the package seems to be some what "incomplete" or unsuccessful to present the products properly. Most of those packages were lacking in execution and felt bit flimsy in my hands. So I came up with 2 ideas that can fix these issues.

I was looking for a shape that can promote the products inside. Package not only serves a purpose of containing the products, but to present the products as well. This kind of welcoming "Arch" shape supports the Crew neck of the product, so that the package subtly ushering to it. It is tightly sealed from the sides and newly configured folding ways help when holding the package, you can feel the solidness and pleasurable weight to the product.

My 2nd option was to use elastic bands to hold on 4 sides. This method might cost more than just a simple packaging, but it will triple the aspects of security, presentable and easy to recognize. Elasticity by nature can expand to match the size of the products inside. It can easily hold XS to XXL without changing the whole packaging which is a breeze for our production team :)