F19 Concept design for Base layer products

It all started from here.

It was a complete non-sense concept design I previously did while developing new package designs for base layer. While upper management executives were preparing for big meeting and try to decorate the showroom, they wanted to see something new. This "Cylinder" type of package was taken to consideration and they asked us to do more of it with provided information.

Since the products were winter base layers, I took literal representation and took inspiration from a modern day heater. Cylinder shape kind of expressed the modern and sleek looking, Silver grate added more to it to make it "hotter" and "heat" related. Minor photo manipulations and bit of patience, I came up with this design and proceed to fully featured mock-ups for the presentation.

Here are some other options done for the presentation. Other designs were result of our whole team. It looked great together and made huge impact while I was doing presentation for upper management.